Which Is the Best Robot Vacuum For Your Home?

Making an attempt to choose between a Neato vs Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner on your residence?

You’ve come to the proper place.

In this in-depth comparability of the Neato Botvac D7 Related vs. Roomba 980 will make it easier to select the greatest one on your house.

To be trustworthy, each of these cleaners top-of-the-line WiFi-connected robotic vacuums with intelligent navigation and excellent cleaning potential.

But there are numerous differences between them, too.

For an in-depth take a look at every robotic vacuum, take a look at my current assessment of the 980 and the Neato D7.

What’s In This Robot Vacuum Comparability


The Neato Botvac D7 is the most suitable option if raw suction energy is the most essential issue. For example, when you have a big carpeted flooring area. But it may be frustrating to configure by way of the app and requires a bit extra effort to take care of.

The Roomba 980 is the most suitable option if you’d like a robotic vacuum that works straight out of the field with minimal configuration and less upkeep.

The Neato D7 and Roomba 980 are comparable in numerous methods.

  • They’re both high-end robots costing more than $500.
  • Both are WiFi-connected which means they arrive with a bevy of sensible features like Alexa compatibility and distant smartphone control.
  • They are outfitted with intelligent navigation plus a number of sensors. They will easily navigate difficult room layouts and even clear multiple rooms on a single degree.
  • They both have an auto-recharge and resume function, which is particularly useful in giant houses. However Neato’s recharge & resume perform is a bit more advanced.

On the subject of what issues most, cleansing means, each carry out extraordinarily properly. They are extra powerful than most different robotic vacuum cleaners.

Their primary differences lie in their ease of use, a number of totally different features and the degree of maintenance required.

Neato vs. Roomba Compared In Detail


  • Larger worth.
  • Powerful suction (Neato is barely extra highly effective).
  • Good with pet hair.
  • Good on arduous floors and carpets.
  • Intelligent navigation and flooring mapping.
  • 2-hour battery life.
  • Auto-recharge and resume.

Important Differences

Neato Botvac D7Roomba 980
Laser-based navigation systemVisual-based navigation system
D-shape for better edge-cleaningSpherical form
Spiral combo brush + aspect brushDual rubber rollers + aspect brush
Digital no-go strainsPhysical digital wall limitations

Now let’s dig deeper…


Neato Botvac D7 Navigation

Neato markets the D7 around its clever navigational capabilities. Nevertheless it’s not all just marketing-speak. The robotic really is sensible.

The Neato D7 navigates round your property using a laser-based system referred to as LIDAR. It is the similar system used in some self-driving automobiles.

That’s how you realize it’s good.

The robot maps out your house’s format because it cleans and memorizes it to improve cleaning time and effectivity.

On the app, you possibly can see the flooring plan drawn up by the vacuum after it finishes its first run. You’ll be able to then use it to create no-go zones where the robot gained’t enterprise.

This can be a far more handy and effective than utilizing digital wall limitations or magnetic strips.

After the first cleansing, the Neato D7 works shortly and effectively, intelligently navigating around obstacles and even avoiding any muddle you’d left on the flooring.

It might additionally navigate from room to room with out getting misplaced. That is useful if you want to clean a whole degree.

When the D7 first came out, you can only create a map for one degree. Many purchasers have been annoyed that they couldn’t create a map for an additional degree or area with out the unique one getting lost.

Properly, now you’ll be able to.

In a current update, Neato now allows users to create a number of flooring plans, every with its personal no-go zones.

Roomba 980 Navigation

Roomba 980 carpet cleaning

The Roomba 980 uses sensors and a camera-based iAdapt 2.0 Navigation system to map out your property and keep away from obstacles.

Like the Neato, it develops a map which you’ll be able to view on the app after the robot has completed vacuuming.

But the map is simply to point out you where the robotic cleaner. You can’t set no-go zones.

To keep Roomba from cleaning where you don’t want it to go, use the Twin Mode virtual wall obstacles. There are a few them included along with the vac.

The Roomba 980 has a simple time navigating round obstacles and cleansing multiple rooms. So it’s good for cleansing a whole degree.

The one main draw back to Roomba’s visual-based navigation system is that it doesn’t work very properly in the darkish.

The Neato, with its lasers, does not need mild to sense the wall or a bit of furnishings. The Roomba does because it uses a digital camera.

They’ve just lately made software program enhancements to attempt to make the robotic higher at cleansing in the dark. However it nonetheless cleans more slowly and covers a smaller area in comparison with cleansing during the day.

Cleansing Performance

Neato Botvac D7 Cleaning Efficiency

On onerous flooring, the Neato D7 does a terrific job choosing up every bit of debris.

It is the extra highly effective vacuum so don’t be stunned when you discover giant clumps of particles and even pennies (as one consumer did) in the bin.

The spiral combo roller brush which extends virtually the full width of the robotic’s unique D-shape picks up mud and other debris and forces them up into the suction port.

There’s additionally a aspect brush which sweeps dust alongside the wall edges into the path of the vacuum.

The Neato D7’s form permits it to get really close to the wall for a more thorough cleansing. That is certainly one of its primary benefits over sometimes rounded cleansing robots.

On carpeted flooring, the Neato D7 is simply nearly as good. It may possibly clean low and medium-pile carpets with out getting stuck or dropping suction energy.

If you could deep-clean your carpet, activate Turbo Mode which kicks the robot into excessive gear. It’s a bit noisy, however it’s a small sacrifice to keep your house dust and allergen-free.

The robotic will increase suction energy and spins the curler brush beneath quicker to succeed in filth hiding deep in the rug.

Other modes embrace spot cleansing, house cleansing, and Eco mode.

Neato can also be introducing a new mode they name Zone Cleaning.

This allows you to designate particular zones for the robotic to wash utilizing the app. For instance, round the dinner desk, together with the entryway, around the kitchen work space and so on.

Roomba 980 Cleaning Performance

Best floor robots Model by iRobot

On exhausting floors, the Roomba has greater than enough suction energy to select up pet hair, dust, meals crumbs and all other types of particles.

There’s a aspect brush which sweeps in filth from the sides and alongside wall edges.

There are also two roller brushes that work together to agitate and break up particles and carry it into the vacuum.

One among the benefits the Roomba has over Neato is the decrease profile. It measures 3.6” thick (compared to Neato’s three.9”), giving it better capable of clear underneath furniture.

Roomba additionally has one thing else Neato doesn’t have – a Dust Detect sensor. The Roomba 980 can detect areas with concentrated dust and focus extra on them.

On carpet, the Roomba doesn’t have as much suction energy as Neato but makes up for it with its twin curler brush system.

As the counter-rotating rubber brushes spin, they agitate filth and raise it up from deep inside the rug. They then drive it inside the vacuum.

The robotic increases suction power when it detects it’s on a carpet though this makes it barely noisier, although it’s still the quieter of the two robot vacuums even at max energy.

Battery Life

Neato Botvac D7 Battery Life

Neato Botvac D7

The D7 can clear for as much as 120 minutes before the battery runs low (might run for much less time if you use Turbo Mode). That is lengthy sufficient to wash a number of rooms and even a whole degree.

Like most other robot vacuums lately, the D7 has an auto-recharge capability. Once the battery gets low, it can mechanically return to the charging dock.

It also auto-resumes cleansing after it costs up.

Neato’s auto-recharge and resume function are a bit totally different and smarter than in other robotic vacs.

In their current software program update, Neato added a Fast Increase function to the Botvac D7.

Here’s how Neato describes the new function.

“With the ability to clean different floors across the home, also comes the possibility that the robot may need to recharge to finish the job and to reduce overall cleaning time. Neato is introducing Neato Quick Boost charging to allow the Neato Botvac D7 Connected to calculate how much power it needs to finish its cleaning run and top up accordingly. Your robot will return to its base automatically, get a quick boost, and resume cleaning the rest of your floorplan, meaning your robot is working smarter and your floors get cleaned faster.”

So as an alternative of ready 3 hours or extra to recharge absolutely, it recharges simply enough to finish cleansing. Now that’s sensible…and efficient.

Notice: If your property has a number of ranges and also you’ve created a number of flooring plans, now you can buy the charging base as a standalone accent. So you possibly can have a charging base for each flooring, making certain the vacuum is ready to recharge mechanically and resume cleaning regardless of the place it’s cleansing.

Roomba 980 Battery Life

Sensors of Roomba 980

Roomba’s battery life can also be 120 minutes, long enough to cover a number of rooms.

When the battery runs low it auto-recharges and resumes cleaning where it left off.

However in contrast to the Neato D7 which fees simply enough to cowl the remaining space, you’ll have to wait till the battery is completely full which takes about three hours.


The Neato Botvac D7 is as loud as a small upright vacuum cleaner. You possibly can still watch TV when it’s working, but you’ll need to crank up the volume.

It will get even louder should you put it in Turbo Mode. If you need much less noise, then use Eco mode – though this lowers suction power.

The Roomba 980 is quieter, however it may well get as noisy as the Neato when it is operating over carpet, the place it increases suction power. But on exhausting flooring, the 980 is pretty quiet. You possibly can comfortably keep on with a conversation or watch TV.


OK, so this is principally a draw between these two robots.  They each use intelligent navigation and sensible mapping to attenuate the amount of power and time spent cleaning.

Neither one misses any necessary areas, nor do they maintain cleansing the similar areas time and again.

This shortens cleansing time (they will cowl about 1,000 square ft in an hour) and reduces power utilization.


Neato Botvac D7 Upkeep

Neato Botvac D7

In case you have pets that shed lots of hair, the D7 is usually a bit irritating to make use of especially if in case you have carpeted floors.

The spiral combo brush gets tangled easily on long pet hair. You’ll probably need to untangle it a couple or so occasions during cleaning.

Hair also can get tangled on the aspect brushes.

However this is principally a problem in case you have a long-haired pet. For most pet house owners, the Botvac D7 is nice.

It has a big 700ml bin which means you’ll be able to even go a few cleaning periods earlier than you empty it. The bin is straightforward to remove and put back.

No different major upkeep is needed aside from cleansing the wheels and sensors every week or so.

Roomba 980 Upkeep

Review of Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 performs a lot better on longer pet hair. As an alternative of the conventional curler brushes utilized in the Neato and other robotic vacuums, Roomba uses rubber brushes/treads that gained’t cease for something, not even long pet (or human) hair. Solely the aspect brush gets tangled from time to time, however it’s straightforward to get it going again.

The 980’s bin is a bit smaller at 600 ml, nevertheless it’s large enough for most individuals’s wants. It could possibly run a full cleaning session without having to be emptied halfway.

Most maintenance tasks are simpler than the Neato D7 – wiping the sensors, cleansing the brushes and cleansing the filter.


Both the Neato D7 and Roomba 980 are high-end models.

These are the sort of robotic vacuums you go for in case you are in search of energy, clever navigation and all types of sensible bells and whistles.

Both fashions value north of $700.

Houses with Pets

Battling Stairs

The Neato D7 and Roomba 980 two of the greatest robot vacuums for pet hair although there are some efficiency differences.

Neato picks up more pet hair in a single run, because of its stronger suction and a much bigger bin. So it’s the more sensible choice for houses with multiple pets.

The only concern happens if your canine sheds long hair, which may get the Neato’s combo roller brush tangled.

There’s additionally the Neato’s situation with noise. It is going to take a number of days in your pet to get used to it.

In distinction, the Roomba 980 doesn’t decide up as much hair as Neato, however it’s less more likely to get tangled. So in case your pet has lengthy hair, I recommend the Roomba 980 over the Neato.

The Roomba 980 can also be quieter – higher for easily-spooked pets.

Houses With Youngsters

Neato Botvac D7

Both the Roomba 980 and Neato D7 are great decisions for houses with youngsters. Their powerful suction and high-performance brushes permit them to wash up any mess in a number of roooms, in no time.

That stated, watch out for small toys left on the flooring. Each Neato and Roomba will try to suck up something small of their approach from Legos to USB cables and dolls.

Simply be sure that the flooring is picked up earlier than these vacuums begin cleaning.

Also, watch out for the noise when you’ve got a small child who is definitely woken up by loud noises. That is extra of a problem with the Neato.

I like to recommend scheduling vacuuming during the day and never vacuuming too close to the nursery when they are asleep.

Turning on Eco mode may also help scale back noise ranges when the baby is asleep.

Giant Houses

Both models are great for vacuuming giant houses. Here’s why:

  • Multi-room cleaning
  • Lengthy battery life – they will clear a large area with out requiring a recharge
  • Intelligent navigation – they will map a whole degree
  • Auto-recharge & resume – which permits them to cowl a good greater space

That stated, the Neato Botvac D7 has s bit of an edge over the Roomba 980. Right here’s why:

  • You possibly can create multiple flooring plans and point out no-go zones for each flooring. This is useful in case you have two or extra ranges.
  • It has a better auto-recharge and resumes function. As an alternative of charging the battery to 100%, it calculates how much energy it’ll need to complete cleaning and then expenses up to simply the proper degree mandatory. This makes for quicker cleaning in giant houses.
  • The no-go zones which you mark out in the app are a lot simpler and more convenient to make use of in comparison with Roomba’s Digital Wall Limitations which you need to hold shifting round.

Carpeted Flooring

Each models easily deal with low and medium-pile carpets.

The Roomba 980 will improve suction power to cope with numerous thicknesses of carpet, mechanically.

In case you are utilizing the Neato D7, nevertheless, you’ll have to pick Turbo Increase to deep clean a thick carpet.

General, the Roomba 980 has higher carpet cleaning capacity because of its rubber rollers which beat up dust hiding deep in the carpet.

The Neato can typically get caught on lengthy fibers and struggles to select lengthy pet hair on the carpet. However it makes up for it with stronger suction that picks up deep-down dust and debris.

Exhausting Floors with Area Rugs

These Roomba and Neato vacuums haven’t any drawback transitioning from the exhausting flooring to an space rug.

However watch out for rugs with lengthy fringes or tassels. They will tangle up around the brushes or wheels.

In case you discover the robotic will get caught there typically, fold the fringe underneath the rug when the vacuum is cleaning.

About iRobot and Neato Robotics

iRobot has been making robots for almost three many years now. They started in 1990 and later worked with the Army and NASA to develop specialized robots.

Their Roomba lineup was launched in 2002, and in 2016 they ditched their army robotics enterprise to give attention to the extra profitable shopper robotics.

Along with Roomba, additionally they have a Braava lineup of robotic mops in addition to a robotic pool cleaner referred to as Mirra.

Neato Robotics began making Botvac residence robots in 2010 and has since expanded their Botvac lineup with a number of new fashions.

Their robots are greatest recognized for their unique D form.


The two robots are pretty evenly matched in most areas.

They’re both great decisions in case you are on the lookout for high-performance robotic vacuums that can handle onerous flooring, thick carpets and pet hair with no drawback.

They are also two of the greatest sensible robot vacuums which you can control away from residence and hyperlink to Alexa or Google Assistant.

Nevertheless, in case you are in search of a robot that’s easier to take care of and configure, go together with Roomba.

If on the different hand, you’ve got an extra-large house or multiple floors, the Neato supplies higher and more intelligent protection.

Purchase The Neato Botvac D7 Related If You…

  • Need a highly effective robotic vacuum cleaner that cleans all kinds of carpet and exhausting flooring.
  • Own multiple pets – esp. pets with brief hair.

Neato Botvac D7

The Neato D7 is loaded with sensible features, too – including laser flooring mapping, digital no-go zones, a number of degree maps, remote app management, and Google Assistant/Alexa compatibility.

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Purchase The iRobot Roomba 980 If You…

  • Care about noise. The 980 has extra choices to regulate noise because it runs.
  • Own one pet – or personal pets with long hair.
  • Want the wonderful cleaning efficiency and the smartphone app control/scheduling features that Roombas are recognized for.

Sensors of Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 additionally handles all varieties of floors with ease, mechanically growing suction energy on carpets and rugs.

The bin is smaller than the Neato, nevertheless, so it fills fairly shortly. This makes it higher for people with just one pet.

The Roomba 980 comes with plenty of sensible options, too – together with the greatest smartphone app management, sensible speaker voice management and cleaning stories.

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Our Prime Decide

With regards to cleansing means, both models are great. No main complaints about both.

But when it comes to features and general worth for cash, I have to go together with the Neato Botvac D7 robot vacuum cleaner.

It offers more – and smarter – features akin to virtual no-go strains, intelligent auto-recharge & resume and multiple flooring plans.

It’s a bit of a problem to set it up and keep it, however it’s value it in our opinion.