Roomba i7+ vs Deebot Ozmo 930

Roomba i7+ vs Deebot Ozmo 930: Which One Should You Buy?

Choosing between a Roomba i7+ vs Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930?

You’ve come to the proper place.

This in-depth comparison of the new Roomba i7+ and the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 will make it easier to determine which sensible robotic vacuum cleaner is greatest on your flooring cleaning needs.

Each are great decisions in case you are on the lookout for a WiFi-connected robot vacuum with sensible flooring mapping, remote app control, and Alexa/Google Assistant functionality.

What’s In This Robot Vacuum Comparison?

This is the battle of sensible robotic vacuums from Ecovacs and iRobot.

Ecovacs brings to the world the surprisingly reasonably priced laser-equipped Ozmo 930 robotic vac.

Talents embrace twin vacuuming + mopping functionality, LIDAR-powered flooring mapping, app control, and monitoring and sensible residence integration.

From iRobot, we have now the model new Roomba i7+ robot vacuum cleaner full of new features and tech.

It boasts intelligent flooring mapping, automated dust disposal, distant app control, and monitoring, sensible house integration, a number of flooring plans, and a revamped Three-stage cleansing system.

Which bot wins?

Read on to seek out out.

Roomba i7+ vs. Deebot Ozmo 930: How Do They Examine

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 930



  • The smartest Roomba ever
  • Wonderful cleansing performance on carpets and arduous flooring.
  • Automated dust disposal
  • Sensible mapping & navigation
  • Great for houses with pets
  • Versatile scheduling
  • Vacuuming + mopping
  • Cleans nicely on carpets and arduous flooring
  • Picks up pet hair easily
  • Sensible mapping & navigation
  • Away from house control by way of app
  • Sensible house integration
  • Reasonably priced in comparison with comparable robot vacs



  • Expensive
  • Ongoing value of shopping for disposable debris luggage
  • Filth disposal mechanism is loud
  • Tedious to set up
  • The app just isn’t the simplest to use
  • Not ultimate for multilevel houses

Bottom Line

Bottom Line

One of the smartest and most capable robotic vacuum cleaners.

Great for giant and multilevel houses in addition to houses with pets. Automated filth disposal makes upkeep a breeze.

Largest draw back is the worth.

Given its sensible options, the Ozmo 930 is surprisingly reasonably priced.

The twin vacuum and mopping functionality is basically useful for houses with exhausting floors and pets.

Most customer complaints are concerning the app. It’s tedious to arrange and takes time to get used to it.


Read My Evaluation


Read My Assessment


Both robots have the normal rounded design you get with virtually every robotic vacuum cleaner. But the Ozmo 930 is thicker and heavier.

Roomba i7+ Design

Roomba i7+ vs Deebot Ozmo 930

Despite including several new options, the Roomba i7+ has not gotten any thicker.

It measures 3.6” high, just like different Roomba models. It will possibly clean beneath most furniture with out getting stuck.

The robot retains the identical minimalist design with only three buttons on prime for cleansing, docking and spot cleansing.

However in contrast to other Roombas and the Ozmo 930, the buttons are touch-sensitive.

You not have to fret about bodily buttons getting stuck due to particles.

Flip the robotic over, and you’ll discover that iRobot has added a splash of vibrant inexperienced to the underside, most of it on the dual roller brushes.

The robot is 13.34”large and seven.44lbs heavy. It’s round zero.5” smaller and 3lbs lighter than Ozmo 930.

It’s additionally smaller and lighter than the robot it replaces – the Roomba 980. I’m unsure where they’ve minimize the load whereas nonetheless adding new features.

What has undoubtedly gotten much greater is the home base.

There’s a tall bin that rises above the charging dock. This is where the robotic routinely transfers collected particles.

Deebot Ozmo 930 Design

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 930

As robot vacuums go, the Ozmo 930 is huge and heavy.

The very first thing you’ll notice immediately you see it’s the round thingy at the prime.

That’s the Laser Distance Sensor or LDS. It’s what the robotic uses to scan and draw up a map of your flooring.

That’s nice, however it comes at a sacrifice.

The disc stands proud above the robot, stopping it from cleansing beneath most furnishings.

In accordance with Ecovacs, the Ozmo 930 won’t go beneath any furniture with a clearance of less than 4.3”.

The robotic’s design is as minimalist as Roomba’s if no more.

It has only a single button on prime which you employ to activate and pause cleaning. As you’ll see shortly, that’s not precisely an excellent thing.

The underside seems markedly totally different from Roomba’s underbelly.

The curler brush is shorter and pushed up in the direction of the middle of the robotic. The water reservoir takes a lot of the area.

It also has two aspect brushes (Roomba has just one).

Cleaning Capability

Relating to uncooked cleansing energy, Roomba i7+ has the sting over Ozmo 930.

The Roomba has extra suction energy, and the improved brush system permits it to select up more particles and pet hair than most different robot vacuums.

It’s also exhausting to beat the brand new self-disposal function.

Ozmo 930 has the benefit of twin mopping and vacuuming features. It’s the apparent selection in case you need mopping.

Roomba i7+ Cleansing Capacity

Roomba i7+ vs Deebot Ozmo 930

Most of the improvements within the Roomba i7+ are centered on enhancing cleaning efficiency.

Suction energy has been boosted considerably. iRobot says the i7+ is ten occasions as highly effective as the 600 collection Roomba fashions.

They’ve additionally made the dual brush system far more effective in agitating dust, choosing up pet hair and pushing particles contained in the vacuum.

The robotic is particularly good on carpets.

The brushes can decide up pet hair and dander while the highly effective suction can decide up even the finest of particles that the majority different vacuums depart behind.

However the perfect and most enjoyable new cleaning function is automated dust disposal.

Robotic vacuums, for all their comfort, nonetheless depart you to do the dirty work at the end emptying and cleansing the bin.

No extra of that with the Roomba i7+.

When the vacuum goes back to the house base to dock, it routinely transfers collected particles into the massive Clean Base above the charging dock.

iRobot says the massive bin can hold as much as 30 binfuls of dust from the robotic vacuum. Relying on how huge your house is and the way dirty it will get, you’ll be able to go 1-2 months without emptying the bin.

Think about that!

The draw back of this new convenience is that you want to buy alternative filth disposal luggage. The robotic will come with 2, however you’ll want a brand new pack after a few months or so.

A pack of three costs $15, which is fairly expensive. But one pack is enough for Three-6 months, so you don’t have to buy them fairly often.

When you don’t need all these additional prices, get the base Roomba i7 mannequin. It doesn’t have the filth disposal function, so you empty it like some other robotic vacuum.

Deebot Ozmo 930 Cleaning Capability

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 930

Ozmo can vacuum and mop.

It does an ideal job vacuuming arduous floors and carpeting. Suction power isn’t as powerful as Roomba’s, however it nonetheless picks up a lot of the dust and pet hair from the floor.

The two aspect brushes prolong the robotic’s attain especially in corners and along the wall edges.

The curler brush, though smaller than in most other robotic vacs, picks up pet hair simply.

But the bristles wrestle a bit on the carpet. In contrast to the rubber rollers on the Roomba, the bristles get tangled extra simply.

Ecovacs considered that and included an excellent answer.

If the comb appears to be getting tangled an excessive amount of, remove it and substitute it with the direct-suction module.

This prevents tangling on pet hair and carpet fringes.

Nevertheless it reduces the vacuum’s cleansing performance on the carpet since there isn’t any curler brush to beat up particles and push it inside.

General, Roomba i7+ wins on the subject of vacuuming and pet hair.

Read our just lately updated shopping for guide to see how the Roomba i7+ and Ozmo 930 examine to other robotic vacuums specializing in pet hair removing.

Where the Ozmo 930 has an enormous advantage is mopping.

It’s a real robotic mop and not a type of ‘mops’ which have only a mopping pad and no water tank.

Ozmo’s water tank is large enough to permit the robot to mop several rooms earlier than the water runs out.

To start out mopping, you simply attach the included mopping pad on the underside and fill the tank with water.

The water is launched in measured amounts by an electric pump. You can regulate the amount of water released in the app to suit your sort of flooring.


Each robots are outfitted with sensible mapping and navigation, permitting them to wash shortly and efficiently without lacking spots.

However Roomba’s iAdapt 3.0 system is slightly extra superior, and its maps are simpler to use.

Roomba i7+ Navigation

Roomba i7+ vs Deebot Ozmo 930

The Roomba i7+ comes with iRobot’s sensor and camera-powered iAdapt® and vSLAM® navigation methods.

On its first cleansing run, the robotic maps out your house and generates a flooring plan which you’ll be able to access by way of the app.

One huge improve they’ve produced from the Roomba 980 is that you could now interact with the map.

You can draw strains to separate sections into totally different rooms and label the rooms.

Then whenever you don’t want the robot to wash the complete home, you merely select which rooms you want it to wash.

You can have a number of flooring plans (as much as 10) for various ranges or houses.

The one thing you can’t do is designate virtual boundaries and no-go zones. The i7+ still makes use of the clunky virtual wall barrier that you simply get with different Roomba models.

The i7+ uses the standard set of sensors to detect objects in the best way and keep away from the steps. It also has iRobot’s signature Filth Detect sensor to give attention to areas with a whole lot of filth.

Deebot Ozmo 930 Navigation

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 930

The Ozmo 930 uses a Lidar system to scan your property and create a flooring plan.

It’s the identical laser-based system used in some driverless automobiles.

It produces a reasonably accurate map. Sadly, you can’t outline rooms on the map. You are stuck with what the robotic draws up.

However you’ll be able to draw digital boundaries and indicate no-go zones on the map, something you can’t do with the Roomba i7+.

The most important disadvantage with Ozmo’s navigation is that you simply can’t have a number of flooring plans. This can be a massive limitation for a home with a number of levels.

But I feel it’s one thing they will fix with a firmware update. Neato did exactly that with the Botvac D7 robot vacuum.

What they will’t fix nevertheless is the useful-but-annoying protruding LDS sensor at the prime that forestalls the robot from navigating underneath furniture.

But at the very least it doesn’t bang into furnishings, leaving notches as another robot vacuums do. It has the standard set of sensors to detect the steps and obstacles in its approach.

It additionally has recharge and resume.

Management and Scheduling

The Roomba i7+ finally launched a scheduling function everybody had been asking for – room-based scheduling.

The Deebot Ozmo 930, despite being able to map totally different rooms, still has very limited scheduling.

As for management, both have away from residence app control in addition to Alexa/Google Assistant voice management.

Roomba i7+ Control and Scheduling

Roomba i7+ vs Deebot Ozmo 930

Like other Roombas, the i7+ is pretty straightforward to set up. No major issues are linking it to your telephone and your house network.

When you obtain the app and set up the WiFi connection, it’s straightforward to regulate and monitor it out of your smartphone wherever you’re.

You can begin/stop cleansing, view the map and choose cleaning areas and set a schedule.

There are also three touch buttons on the robotic itself: Clear, House (send the robotic back to residence base) and Spot Clean.

Scheduling is pretty straightforward and versatile.

You can set the robot to wash the complete degree each day at a selected time or select which rooms are going to be cleaned on certain days.

This can be a seemingly obvious function that has been lacking from all mapping robots. Props to iRobot for lastly adding it.

Deebot Ozmo 930 Management and Scheduling

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 930

Numerous clients have complained that the Ozmo 930 is troublesome to set up. It takes a couple of tries and doubtless a name to customer help earlier than you get it to hook up with your telephone and home community.

Things get easier once you set it up nevertheless it still takes a while to get used to all of the features crammed within the app.

The sentiment from many purchasers and I agree with them, is that Ecovacs ought to have added a pair more buttons on the robotic for primary features.

However once you get used to the app, it’s straightforward to make use of.

You can set digital boundaries, activate the recharge and resume mode, management water output throughout mopping, start cleansing remotely and set a schedule.

Speaking of scheduling, the Ozmo 930 is a bit restricted in that space.

In contrast to the Roomba, you can’t designate which rooms will probably be cleaned on specific days. It cleans all the home.

But this is one thing else I feel they will fix with an over-the-air firmware replace.


Right here’s what you get with every robot vacuum.

Roomba i7+

Roomba i7+ vs Deebot Ozmo 930

  • Vacuum
  • Charging station
  • Clear Base
  • Two dust disposal luggage
  • Power twine for charging station
  • 1 Twin mode digital wall barrier
  • Spare high-efficiency filter
  • Spare aspect brush

Deebot Ozmo 930

  • Robot vacuum
  • Charging station
  • Four aspect brushes (2 spares)
  • Two mopping pads (1 spare)
  • Direct suction module
  • A sponge filter and high effectivity filter


General, I feel the Deebot Ozmo 930 provides you higher value in your cash.

When it comes to features and functionality, the Roomba i7+ is one of the best, nevertheless it’s also fairly costly.

For round $400 much less, you will get near the Roomba’s cleansing efficiency and most of its sensible options in the Ozmo 930.

Roomba i7+

Roomba i7+ vs Deebot Ozmo 930

It’s protected to say that Roomba i7+ is presently the perfect robotic vacuum available on the market.

It’s principally the benchmark for other manufacturers hoping to create a top quality robotic vacuum.

What we like most concerning the Roomba is that it’s nonetheless very straightforward and convenient to use regardless of having plenty of tech and sensible options.

If something, it’s simpler to make use of than earlier Roombas.

The brand new mapping function utterly modifications what it means to wash with a Roomba.

From wherever you’re, you possibly can hearth up the iRobot app and tell the robotic to wash the kitchen and bedroom or the whole home.

The self-disposal function can also be an enormous recreation changer. No extra getting your arms soiled emptying the bin.

The robot has maintained Roomba’s legendary cleaning efficiency. It’s truly better.

So while it’s expensive, I feel it is completely value it. In case you are snug with the worth level, go for it.

Deebot Ozmo 930

The Ozmo 930 is actually a cheaper Roomba i7+.

It has most of Roomba’s sensible features and cleaning efficiency is nearly comparable.

It only misses out on a few areas akin to flexible scheduling and multiple flooring plans. I actually hope they’ll upgrade these areas soon with an replace.

It will be a 5-star robot in the event that they made setup somewhat bit simpler.

However as soon as you’re previous that part, you’ll be glad you obtain the Ozmo 930.

It cleans rather well, it’s sensible, and it mops.

That’s why we expect it’s the greatest value in your cash.

Specs Comparison

Roomba i7+

Deebot Ozmo 930

Dimensions13.34 inches width x 3.63 inches high13.9 x 13.9 x four inches
Cleaning time110 minutes90 minutes
Flooring varietiesall except shaggy carpetsall
Remote controlyessure
Distant app managementnoyes
Sensible house suitablenoyes
HEPA filtersureYes
Bin measurement1000 ml350 ml
Sensible mapping & navigationnono
Digital wall/barrieryesYes
Auto recharge and resumeyesSolely auto-recharge

Roomba i7+ vs Deebot Ozmo 930: Which One Should You Purchase?

The Roomba i7+ is the only option if:

  • You want the most effective of the perfect and don’t thoughts spending more to get it.
  • You need help coping with pet hair everywhere in the flooring.
  • You need a utterly hands-free experience – Roomba does all of the be just right for you together with emptying the bin.
  • You have a multilevel house.

Latest Amazon Price

The Deebot Ozmo 930 is the only option if:

  • You are in search of an reasonably priced sensible robotic vacuum that you would be able to control from your smartphone.
  • You need a robot cleaner that may vacuum and mop.
  • You have a mid-size or giant single-level residence.

Latest Amazon Price