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Best Wacker Plate For Sale 2019

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We’ve carried out the analysis and thrown out the downright awful.

What is a wacker plate?

Also called a vibratory compaction plate, it is a very heavy machine with a big flat plate base.

So, a wacker plate (or plate compactor) is often petrol or diesel powered and permits layers of material to be compacted down until intently knitted and firm, to enable an excellent strong foundation for issues corresponding to patio’s, paths, driveways and even for turf laying.

The operator controls the plate by guiding it into the specified path as it vibrates along the floor until all the ground is agency and degree.


Most unfastened supplies may be compacted down.

Development companies and landscapers use these machines to press down the fabric so it becomes really robust and capable of stand up to the likes of constructing work on prime of it -patio’s, pathways and so on.

Obviously there’s much more to it than this, but that is the primary premise of a wacker plate.

Usually a builder would wacker or compact down a sub base material resembling hardcore rubble (sort 1 MOT grade, as it is generally referred to) – see this wikipedia entry on sub-bases for more info)).  This helps lock the material together making it a lot harder and fewer more likely to “move” beneath weight.

You can even use these machines on soil to assist degree the bottom.  Observe although that this isn’t a perfect selection if the soil is heavy clay (i.e. sticky), or if the soil is exceptionally wet.  Somewhat bit of moisture is completely good.

In search of other development machinery?

You may discover this guide to the most effective cement mixers is available in really useful.

Here, take a look at this quick video to see what it seems to be like when using a Wacker plate.

Relying on the engine power output (measured in horsepower (or hp)), the machine can compact the fabric down to varied depths (for example sometimes 30cm deep).

In case you are creating patios or paths round a property you then don’t necessarily need the most important and greatest wacker plate there’s on the market (as usually it’s just human visitors on them, and not too heavy), but for driveways and public highways the place heavy automobiles will transfer,  there’s a need for higher machinery than can compact shortly and right down to respectable depths.

These situations you’ll typically see all manner of automobiles upon them from automobiles and HGV automobiles, in order that they must be absolutely built on strong foundations.  You’ll additionally want one thing that may compact the bottom reliably.

Problems with wacker plates

  • Wacker plates are by nature very heavy.  They must be.  So typically, two individuals are wanted to maneuver them in place (though some fashions do come with wheels that help manouvre the plate out of your car to the location).
  • They vibrate.  It’s what they do.  This means fixings and nuts can come unfastened so it’s commonly advised to use a nut lock / thread lock paste to the nuts to help stop them rattling unfastened.
  • Upkeep issues (things that need doing recurrently) may be ignored if the machine is just not nicely cared for.  Day by day checks, every day cleaning and removing of filth from your machine helps you to spot any points akin to nuts working unfastened, and so forth.
  • Incorrect use of the plate by the operator may cause issues if it isn’t used in the designed method – in different words you’d be shortening the lifetime of your expensive machine.  Because of this the best way ahead is to be sure to are correctly educated, not simply to maneuver it, however to take care of it and spot issues.

So, that out of the best way, I need to present what we’ve got discovered.

The highest 10 absolute best wacker plates for sale.

How did we reach these findings?

Simple.  We examined them, either by ourselves, or we enlisted the assistance of corporations who use wackers regularly.  We sent out models for them to use for a month after which asked for his or her suggestions.

Initially we sifted by way of many various plate compactor models and narrowed issues right down to what we scored as being the “very best whacker plate” of all of them, based mostly on information.

We tested on:

  • Depth of compaction
  • Reliability
  • Robustness (is it properly made or is it more likely to break after a number of jobs)
  • How straightforward it was to manouvre the machine
  • Horsepower

after which we created an general score you’ll be able to trust.

Our Best Wacker Plate Suggestion:

Best Plate Compactor For The Money:

Every wacker plate within this prime 10 is “great” and you might simply decide any one in every of them nevertheless there’s one which edged it for us.  That one is the:

The SCHEPPACH HP 1100 Plate Compactor

SCHEPPACH HP 1100 Plate Compactor

  • Fast
  • Speedy
  • Super dependable
  • HUGE energy
  • As powerful as twice the worth high end machines.
  • Sensible construct high quality

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Hyundai’s Flagship Wacker plate will get a straight A in all it’s exams.

It powers down a deep compaction depth right down to 300mm.

Hyundai HYCP9070 196cc Petrol Plate Compactor / Wacker Plate


  • Giant gasoline tank.
  • Giant plate
  • Travels at 15 meters per minute
  • Foldable handles

Testers feedback:

“The unit ran nicely.  We now have used it every day for the previous 3 weeks.  In that time it has carried out good and run reliably.  For the worth it is a truthful funding of your cash, even if it is a lesser recognized brand.“

Best wacker plate for moving into small tight areas

When solely the perfect will do, select a Belle machine.  This PCX 12/36 plate compactor will work arduous all yr spherical.

This Belle is smaller, more compact and designed specifically to get into smaller areas.

Precision engineered, and very top quality give Belle machines the belief they’ve come to be accustomed to from shoppers around the globe.

The base plate is smaller.  You get greater speeds.

Belle PCX 12 36 Combination Wacker Plate Compactor


  • A strengthened centrifugal clutch that helps prolong the life of the belt as well as make the belt simpler to adjust.
  • Foldable mounted information handle gives superior manoeuvrability and might be lowered to operate underneath obstacles and near type work.
  • four HP Honda petrol engine (recognized for their excellent reliability)
  • 9.5 litre capacity water tank spray system.  Angled holes help spray the complete width stopping Asphalt decide up.
  • Straightforward lifting factors – a entrance raise cage to make shifting it around a breeze.
  • You’ll be able to order an elective wheel package
  • Easily fitted and removed Life lubricated vibration bearings – for peace of thoughts

Testers feedback:

“It’s got a larger water tank spray system that stops stuff sticking to the bottom (hot asphalt for example)”

It might be really easy to simply state “go out and buy a Belle and forget the rest”.  We wouldn’t be improper in that assertion, nevertheless the downsides to proudly owning a Belle compactor plate are the high worth tags when buying.  That’s why we went to these lengths to take a look at all wackers available on the market.

That is the mid weight Belle PCLX 320 – 3.0HP Honda Petrol Driven Wacker Plate.  A premium low vibration wacker plate compactor.

Belle PCLX 320 3 HP Honda Petrol Driven Wacker Plate Compactor

It includes a 320mm plate that achieves sensible compaction levels throughout all supplies.

It performs to HAUC standards (Highway Authorities and Utilities Committee) so is assured to get the job finished to the appropriate specifications.

Skilled users rely upon this.

One of the safest machines in it’s class, the low vibration design means the operator can consumer it for longer durations with out undue fatigue setting in.

It’s also extremely nicely constructed and enjoys long durations of use in between planned providers or upkeep needs.

Great for small confined areas.

Travels at 21.2 metres per minute

Weighs 61.5 kg

It’s a bit know reality, but we’ve it on good authority (and by way of testing in fact) that the 3 most popular Belle compactor plates are this one the PCX 500 (a 500mm plate).. the PCX 450 (450mm plate) and the PCX 320 (a 320mm plate)…  three of the most effective Belle wacker plates that money can purchase.  Being Belle, you get what you pay for.

belle pcx 500 wacker plate

Anticipate high three figures but for the money anticipate strong every day long run use without the drama.

So, this mannequin is strong, strong and ultra reliable with a pleasant standfard plate measurement, oh and a dependable Honda engine too!


  • Quicker travel velocity both ahead and reverse – for improved productivity (HONDA GX160)
  • Low hand-arm vibration – for operator health and security and safer usage occasions
  • Engine protection body – also offers a lifting level
  • Deal with folds flat – compact measurement for transport and storage
  • Choice for water tank manufacturing unit fitted

This can be a 300mm wacker plate (12 inches width).  Coupling it to the generous 2.eight horse energy engine provides you a machine that starts up properly (although we did should let our unit run a few minutes from cold earlier than utilizing it for compacting)

It hasn’t failed to start out up through the time we used it (for a pathway sub base).

Hyundai have been in existence since 1947 as an engineering and development company before branching out into motoring and equipment.  For their wacker plates they use a sole Uk based mostly importer (Genpower Ltd), who commerce as “Hyundai Power Equipment”.

HYCP5030 12 inch 2.8hp 87cc 53kg Compactor Plate

  • Will obtain 25 metres per minute protection (so extraordinarily useful)
  • A sturdy 8mm metal plate compacts right down to 200mm.
  • The dependable Hyundai engine works arduous and works nicely.

Superb for compacting sand, soil, small aggregates it is the good, cost-effective plate compactor for DIY tasks, patio & block paving preparation, small driveway work and tarmac restore.

The Neilsen C 60 petrol plate compactor packs a superb strong punch because of it’s 5.5 horsepower engine.

It will possibly run at between 20 and 25 metres every minute and has an impression pressure of 1030kg and may compact as much as 150mm depth.  Deal with your sub base woes simply.

It’s not the toughest hitting compactor, and gained’t be good for heavby obligation gadgets however for the overwhelming majority of purposes it is just advantageous.

Just notice that 150mm is pretty much the depth of compaction, so that you’ll be compacting in slightly thinner layers which is ok for most issues (especially for DIY tasks and professional tasks you could take that bit longer on), but for those who’re using it for business and time is of the essence you have to get a more powerful machine.

Highly rated in every other facet.

Evolution Hulk supply low worth reasonably priced plate compactors in both electric and petrol pushed models.  That is the electric plate compactor and under this you will notice our feedback for the petrol version.


  • Dependable and quiet, top quality induction motor
  • Low maintenance power unit
  • No harmful fumes emitted, splendid for use in enclosed spaces
  • Folding handle for convenient transportation
  • 2 years warranty (solely legitimate if purchased in the UK)

Testers feedback:

“The unit is pleasant and easy to operate.  We used it to compact both the sub base and sand down for our block paving and I have to say it performed exceedingly well.  The electric model is fine for any DIY’er but remember the cable is about 10 metres long so if you’re off up to the end of your drive you will need a decent extension cable.. and a dry day :)”

Our thoughts:

As with all smaller machine that has less energy there are some apparent “operator issues” to get around.  For instance in case you are used to utilizing excessive finish £1000 Belle machines, you’d be used to getting jobs executed quicker, compacting thicker stuff and coping with bumps, nevertheless it’s clearly better to rake off giant bumps then proceed together with your wacker plate.

Here is the petrol variant of the Evolution hulk wacker plate.  Properly priced and fewer problem organizing electrical cables and hoping for dry days.  This can be used every time and without the fuss.

evolution hulk petrol plate compactor


  • Powerful 2.4hp motor
  • Low frequency & excessive amplitude for better soil compaction
  • Straightforward fold deal with for storage and transportation
  • Thick, durable base plate and vibration damper system increases consumer consolation
  • 2 Yr Guarantee (only legitimate if bought in the UK)

The Scheppach HP 1100 plate compactor.  A beast of a machine.

Our secret favorite!

SCHEPPACH HP 1100 Plate Compactor

Take a look at the specifications:
– Dimensions lxwxh: 700 x 400 x 480 mm
– motor energy 4 kW / 5.5 hp
– Plate measurement: 530 x 350 mm
– Compaction drive: 11000 N
– Weight: kg
– Compaction depth: 25 – 30 cm
– Travel velocity: 25 m/min

This is our favorite wacker plate here.  Construct high quality and skill is sensible.  Nice and agile because of it’s plate measurement.

HUGE compaction depths, compaction pressure and skill to travel as quick as most other machines.

The worth is competitive too, so gives REALLY GOOD worth.  Have a look for your self.

Excessive energy, strong efficiency and means less than the worth of high end machines.

For those smaller areas, this hand-held mini wacker plate is just good.  Packs a punch, takes up little room and does what is required.  The Ruttli 250W plate compactor is simply the ticket.

Powered by electrical motor.

Mini Vibrating plate compactor RÜTTLI 250W

The bottom plate on this machine is made using secure lacquered sheet metal.

Testers suggestions:

“Small however mighty.  We trialled this for two weeks for a pathway going from our front door, down the aspect of the house and to mary as much as our terrace at the back.  No problems reported.  Did what was needed.  Compacted our hardcore, sand after which was made ready for the pavers.“

There’s a number of things to remember before you go off out and start wackering away.

The fundamentals of a wacker plate:

  1. Know tips on how to turn the machine on, and in addition off.  Most could have an on/off change, then you will have to tug start the engine, very similar to beginning a mower engine.  A press on the primer and good to go.
  2. Wear the fitting PPE – obviously gloves and security boots (and holding them nicely away from the machine throughout use), and in addition security goggles and ear safety.
  3. Keep away from unfastened becoming clothing or jewelry when using the machine.
  4. Understanding find out how to use the machine.
  5. Understanding tips on how to refill with gasoline
  6. understanding tips on how to safely take away the compactor plate from your car to the world being compacted (with out breaking your again)
  7. Giving a visible inspection to ensure all the nuts and bolts are as tight as they need to be.
  8. Learn and perceive your complete consumer guide earlier than you start.  Long term it’s going to help hold you safer, extra informed, and be capable of determine any issues if thery come up.
  9. If the motors velocity could be adjusted look for the throttle lever and modify to go well with.. begin it off small and on low revs once you first start.

How you can use your wacker plate

In case your plate compactor is an electrical model then simply plug it in and pull on the lever or press the on/off change to start out compacting.

If your machine is petrol then comply with the steps under.

Assuming you’re sporting the right PPE and have achieved all the required security checks then proceed as under.

On the aspect of the engine it is best to see two levers – one is for gasoline, and one is the choke.


  1. Transfer the gasoline slider to the fitting absolutely.  This may be left like this a lot of the day and turned off at night time.
  2. For a cold engine begin, also slide the choke slider to the fitting.
  3. If your engine has lately been operating then you might not need the choke absolutely on or even on in any respect.
  4. Turn the engine’s “on/off” change to the on place (often a “1”)
  5. Grab the recoil puller.  This is often a small Black plastic handle hooked up to rope that goes inside the engine.
  6. Maintain the machine firmly with one hand and pull proper again on the pull twine.  The machine should set into life.
  7. After a short second you’ll be able to push the choke lever absolutely off to the left.


A wacker plate actually is an easy gadget.

To begin using it, it is advisable to improve the revs (throttle).  The machine uses a centrifugal clutch which can interact when the revs are high sufficient, forcing the compactor into motion. Merely use your palms to information, along with a little bit of pressure, to make sure it goes within the course you’re travelling.

Ideally you’d move up and down in strips until all the space has been tampered down.


Assuming no machinery issues, scale back the revs proper down and let it run for a minute or two to cool down, simply ticking over somewhere protected out of your approach, then you’ll be able to turn the facility on/off change to the off place (often a “0”).

For further security, slide the gasoline lever to the left (off place).


Please do remark under and we’ll do our greatest to assist.

A wacker plate just isn’t an affordable funding nevertheless it is a vital funding so hopefully our little guide here has helped you uncover the perfect wacker plate in your wants!

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