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Are They Really The Best Lights For Growing Weed Indoors?

A number of recommendation on the Net will inform you very confidently, and backed up by testing, that LED grow lights simply aren’t as shiny and intense as Excessive Depth Discharge (HID) lights. That LED develop lights aren’t one of the best mild source for rising weed indoors.

And you realize what, numerous that advice was proper…

On the time it was written.

However LED know-how has advanced quickly—and continues to advance rapidly.

So quick that always you’ll discover the results on Google haven’t stored up! Previous, outdated articles still litter the primary few pages…

Looking For The Fact: The Complicated Google Jumble

Right now, when you Google the query of What’s one of the best grow mild know-how for rising weed indoors? (and, yep, we might be answering that for you shortly!), you’ll doubtless see a complicated mixture of extremely conflicting opinions within the outcomes.


As a result of, broadly speaking, that’s the best way Google’s algorithm is designed. To not be complicated—but to ship a mix of newer, recent content material alongside authoritative, older sites that numerous other websites have linked to. (Relying on the sort of question.)

And for lots of search queries that blend is right. A type of outcomes will virtually definitely be exactly what you needed.

However on the subject of a subject the place one know-how is long-established and only improves incrementally, while the choice is comparatively new and continually enhancing… and questions about which of these two is greatest…

Nicely, that blend could make it pretty exhausting to seek out the suitable, latest reply.

As a result of older articles proceed to rank properly lengthy after essential info in them, and the conclusions drawn from it, have ceased to be correct. And then new articles typically get based mostly on them too.

It’s Onerous To Know Which Outcome To Belief…

In the event you take a look at the first couple of pages of Google for the subject of this article:

The most authoritative-seeming articles within the results are sometimes a couple of years previous, and even a lot older. LED grow lights have superior massively since then.

So, to counter that, we glance to the newer articles in the outcomes as an alternative…

Nevertheless, lots of these grow to be based mostly largely on the knowledge within the older, “page 1” articles we simply rejected.

Then still different articles within the results don’t have any dates hooked up at all… Who is aware of how current they are?

And eventually, some are from grow mild manufacturers, so might or is probably not biased.

Full Disclosure

Or they’re from websites like this one, which clearly favors LED grow lights and earns a small commission from Amazon when you use our links—but don’t worry, at no additional value to you whenever you buy. (Again, you may fear about bias—however bear with us here!)

So who can you belief?

Briefly: Your self. Analysis the whole lot completely!

Nevertheless, for the reasons we’ve already mentioned, that’s no straightforward process.

So the purpose of this article is to sift by means of the chaos and offer you a number of dependable, up-to-date sources, save you some research time and convey you an entire lot nearer to answering the question for your self.

But Nonetheless, What About Bias?

It’s a good query. However the question can also be its own reply, in a means.

Yep, we cowl LED develop lights extensively and add Amazon affiliate links to that content material.

But when we didn’t assume LED develop lights have been value buying, why would we hassle to do both?

We’ve been in the identical state of affairs you at the moment are—making an attempt to determine whether or not LED grow lights actually are the best choice for growing weed indoors. And it’s true, some LED grow lights still aren’t great.

However we weighed up the evidence and concluded that LED develop lights are here to remain. And, furthermore, that the general commonplace is just getting higher.

We nonetheless assume that.

Here’s why.

Why We Assume LED Grow Lights Are The Best Mild Supply For Growing Weed Indoors

For indoor weed growers, the usual grow mild selection comes right down to HID, fluorescent or LED.

We’re going to rule out fluorescents immediately.

They’re good for tiny grow spaces, because you will get them very near your crops. Nevertheless, their mild doesn’t penetrate as far as LEDs or HIDs, so in later levels it is advisable swap to a unique grow mild for greatest outcomes. Or study to coach crops to develop brief and flat.

And the clinching issue:

They give the lowest yield per watt. Two to 4 occasions decrease than HIDs or LED develop lights.

So What About HID Grow Lights?

Can HID lights produce good weed in high quantities?


Growers have been using them efficiently for decades. There’s no disputing by any means that they’re an amazing source of sunshine for cannabis crops. We’re not even going to attempt.

But are they the most effective for growing weed indoors?

And for that matter what can we mean by “the best”?

Oh, and one ultimate complication: What concerning the non-standardization of LED develop lights? The complicated variety of merchandise and technologies you’ll discover beneath that one little three-word label?

That variety and non-standardization continues to be one of the essential things that makes it troublesome to say definitively that LED develop lights are one of the best—because precisely which LED grow lights are we even talking about?

So let’s try to clear things up a bit…

What Do We Imply By “The Best”?

For us, it comes right down to this query: What do we would like from a grow mild when rising cannabis? We expect an important necessities are:

  • Better yields.
  • Greater quality, more flavorful buds.
  • Higher power efficiency—more product for the electrical energy used, less power wasted.
  • Brightness and depth—mild that may penetrate under the canopy to nurture the whole plant.
  • Even protection—fewer “hotspots”, much less have to rotate your crops.
  • Right spectrum—produces solely mild that the crops can truly use.

These are our judging criteria.

Different elements, like comfort, come into it too. However the question right here is primarily about the perfect mild source for rising weed. That’s, about which sort of develop mild cannabis greatest responds to.

And to make it a fair struggle, we’re evaluating one of the best to one of the best.

The Best LED Develop Lights Outperform The Best HIDs

marijuana grow lights

Mild Spectrum

Let’s start with spectrum.

No different lights are as adjustable and customizable when it comes to mild wavelengths. LED grow lights could be fine-tuned to supply solely the wavelengths most useful to your hashish crops.

You possibly can maintain it easy with a full spectrum mild for the entire grow. Or on the different extreme you’ll find leading edge panels the place the spectrum may be programmed and automatic within the minutest element—the ratio of pink to far reds will even change throughout the day to mimic the solar’s progress via the sky.

Metallic Halide (MH) develop lights are great for the veg stage and can be utilized for the whole develop. Excessive Strain Sodium (HPS) lights have an excellent spectrum for flowering. But each nonetheless give off plenty of mild that your hashish simply isn’t using.

Which brings us to power efficiency.

Power Effectivity

Once more, there’s no disputing that LED grow lights are extra environment friendly.

A lot less wattage is consumed to supply the identical brightness as equal HID bulbs. Partly because extra of the light emitted is absorbed by your crops, but in addition as a result of LEDs convert electrical energy into mild extremely effectively—very little electrical energy converts into warmth as an alternative. Which in flip means even more power financial savings, because you’ll need little or no additional cooling in your grow area. Particularly when compared to a lot hotter HID bulbs.

Brightness and Depth

This was the place HID develop lights had the edge. But now, the highest quality LED grow lights can actually outshine them.

Most of the older, high-ranking, LED-skeptic articles you see in Google’s results are from back when 1W LED chips have been widespread and 3W chips have been just about leading edge.

Nowadays chips in LED develop lights are much brighter and sometimes accompanied by refined optics to focus and intensify the sunshine their diodes produce. Now, extremely efficient 5W resembling those led’s found on this develop mild evaluate, and above chips and chip-on-board (COB) arrays are widespread and can simply penetrate the cover to the lower leaves.

Evenly although?

Even Coverage

Nicely, regardless that the sunshine from LEDs is of course very directional, the aforementioned refined optics imply “hotspots” are less and fewer of a problem.

With older LED grow lights, your crops received very intense, concentrated mild under each individual diode, however much much less mild between and around diodes.

And that’s still a problem with some cheaper lights from no-name corporations.

However for those who do your homework and purchase from manufacturers who’ve been round a while, constructed up a fame and may give you detailed protection maps (if they will’t, steer clear), then you ought to be superb.

Mild from HIDs is naturally diffuse and pretty evenly unfold. So nearly all of HIDs in all probability give more even coverage than nearly all of LEDs.

Nevertheless, a specific amount of sunshine power from HIDs is wasted by being reflected off multiple surfaces before it reaches your crops. So there’s a trade-off.

And the perfect LED lights give pretty even coverage.

Bud Quality, Taste, Potency

marijuana bud

Another advantage of LED develop lights is that they may also help you deliver out the flavors and efficiency of the weed you’re growing.

A fuller spectrum, together with sure wavelengths of ultraviolet mild, stimulates resin production. Which suggests greater ranges of THC, terpenes and sure cannabinoids.

Better Yields

This is still a little bit of a controversial one…

Primarily as a result of it may well take a little bit of expertise and experimentation to get the utmost effectiveness from your LED develop lights.

But growers utilizing LEDs are increasingly finding that they will equal and outperform equal HID develop lights for yields.

Here’s an awesome case research.

Even when yields have been merely equal, although, and even slightly less with LEDs, we feel that the a lot lower operating prices of LED develop lights would still make them the higher, extra economical selection.


If you want to know what one of the best mild supply is for growing weed indoors, we expect the perfect LED develop lights have the edge. Furthermore, there are increasingly LED grow lights on the market which might be value shopping for.

Nevertheless, on the subject of a fast paced know-how like LEDs, there’s no substitute for doing your personal analysis.

As a result of LED grow mild know-how has moved ahead at such a pace in recent times that even Google’s search outcomes can’t sustain!

Proper now, sort in a query about LED grow lights and sometimes Google’s first few pages will paint a very outdated and inaccurate image of what LED grow lights can do.

However verify the age of the articles you find, and the age of the articles they cite and link to, be sure that it’s truly at the moment’s LED know-how that’s being discussed, and also you’ll soon see exactly why we’re so optimistic.