Abnormal Social Media Ideas For Your Church

Alex Mills: When you’ve ever been concerned together with your church’s social media accounts, you in all probability understand how straightforward it is to be repetitive, it may feel like you’re simply posting the identical stuff time and again. We need to show you how to with that. By the top of this podcast, you’ll study five social media ideas for posts which are something but odd, and we’ll present you real examples of what that may seem like.
Hey there, and welcome to Pro Church Tools, the show that will help you share the message of Jesus whereas we navigate the most important communication shift in 500 years. I’m your host, Alex Mills, joined as all the time by Brady Shearer.
Brady Shearer: Alex, daily you ought to be posting on social media. Every single day, I run out of concepts of what to submit on social media. And I don’t assume that I’m alone there, I feel a variety of church buildings … They know that social is important-
Alex Mills: In the event you’re operating out of concepts, then the remainder of us are certainly recent out of concepts.
Brady Shearer: That’s truthful. Especially because the one that’s posting on social for a church is just not doubtless a full-time social media individual. They’ve obtained different tasks, social is perhaps not top-of-mind for them. And so we needed to elucidate and share 5 totally different templates for social media archetypes which might be virtually definitely one thing that you’ve never seen or finished before. These are towards the grain, they don’t seem to be a factor you’ve finished before.
Alex Mills: They’re going to cease any person’s scroll for positive.
Brady Shearer: Properly, let’s speak concerning the objective of social, because you recognize what you might do on social to get a whole lot of engagement? There’s loads of things that you can do that aren’t necessarily going to be in tune with what you ought to be making an attempt to accomplish. We expect every church, principally you’ve received three aims on social.
The primary is to stop the scroll. Attention is probably the most useful commodity your church can possess. In the event you don’t have somebody’s consideration, it doesn’t matter how nice your social submit is. That’s why you want to cease the scroll, no matter you can do to stop individuals from scrolling. After which you’ve the opportunity to accomplish the subsequent two aims together with your social. Posting, which is to start out meaningful dialog, and provoke religious apply.
So the objective isn’t simply tons of likes and tons of comments. These have a place, and could be meaningful figuring out metrics, however those aren’t the objective themselves. The aim, cease the scroll, start significant conversation, provoke religious apply.
Alex Mills: Good.
Brady Shearer: The first publish that we’ve been experimenting with inside our social program … And all of these posts come from our social program, if you want to know extra about it, you possibly can shoot us an e-mail at good [email protected]
This first publish instance is the 22nd Bible lesson. We needed to advertise biblical literacy with this sort of publish because we expect that biblical literacy is at a in all probability low normal. I used to be gonna say all time low, there’s no method that’s true, nevertheless it’s decrease than I feel we wish it to be inside our churches.
And so we took this idea of, “All right, in less than 20 seconds, how can we share some fun, interesting Bible trivia with this list post?” So on this first example we speak about how the Bible is made up of 66 totally different books. It was written by 40 totally different individuals from totally different backgrounds over the course of about 1500 years, and it’s the best-selling and most generally distributed guide of all time.
Alex Mills: Some fun information.
Brady Shearer: Virtually definitely there are individuals in your church that don’t know one, two, or all three of those things.
Alex Mills: They thought it was written with the literal hand of God at one moment in time.
Brady Shearer: Exactly. And now this explains, “Oh, that’s interesting, that helps me understand what I’m reading a little bit better.”
One other instance here, we stated, “Did you know, many of the world’s most popular names come from the Bible? Like Jacob, like Sarah, like James.” Do you know the longest phrase within the Bible can also be a reputation?
Alex Mills: Go ahead.
Brady Shearer: Maher-shalal-hashbaz, the Prophet Isaiah’s son, and apparently, additionally the inspiration for the identify Mahershala Ali.
Alex Mills: That’s going to be our subsequent social submit: Did you know enjoyable information about movie star names and.their origins?
Brady Shearer: Why should you be the best way that you are?
Alex Mills: Another instance of this publish archetype, we talked about how the shortest Bible verse accommodates simply two words: Jesus wept. That’s from John 11:35. But did you know that the second shortest Bible verse can also be simply two phrases? Rejoice all the time, First Thessalonians 5:16. The longest verse? Esther eight:9, clocking in at over 80 words within the ESV translation.
Brady Shearer: Longest chapter?
Alex Mills: Psalm 1:19.
Brady Shearer: Sure, nice.
Alex Mills: Let’s go.
Brady Shearer: My grandmother has that entire chapter memorized within the King James model.
Alex Mills: Really?
Brady Shearer: She’s a legend.
Alex Mills: Wow, I assumed I was good with the Beatitudes.
Brady Shearer: Nope, she’s received you.
Alex Mills: All right, grandma, I see you. Publish archetype number two: would you fairly.
Brady Shearer: I really like this one.
Alex Mills: We took the “would you rather” strategy and utilized it to enjoyable Bible subjects. So let’s go through this shortly. Alex, would you somewhat construct the ark or identify the animals?
Brady Shearer: Come on, I’m not choosing up a hammer, I’m naming the animals.
Alex Mills: The one purpose I feel that you simply constructing the ark can be higher is because I feel that, as soon as you got to the “acquiring the animals” part, you, as the younger David Suzuki, would have the opportunity … This dude is loopy. We went to the cottage last weekend. He had been there a total of six minutes, he goes right down to the water, he runs up, he’s like, “”I caught a fish. It’s like the dimensions of his torso. I’m like, “Where did you get it?” He’s like, “I just caught this fish, man.”
We’ll be driving in the desert going 60 miles an hour – true story once more – within the Mojave desert. He’s like, “Stop, stop the car.” There’s nobody within 60 miles of us, and he’s like, “There’s a tarantula on the road. Back up.” I back up 100 meters and there’s this big tarantula, big for a spider, however nonetheless, how do you notice that going 60 miles an hour? He’ll just hear a fowl and he’ll be like, “Cockatoo.” It’s like, “Dude.”
Brady Shearer: I’m naming the animals for positive.
Alex Mills: Clearly you’d identify the animals. But when there was one animal that they have been having hassle like wrangling up-
Brady Shearer: I’d be the wrangler.
Alex Mills: Yeah. You’d just be like-
Brady Shearer: I’d be the cowboy.
Alex Mills: You’re the horse whisperer for all animals, all of God’s creation.
Would you quite see certainly one of Jesus’ miracles or take heed to one among his sermons?
Brady Shearer: Do I get to decide on the sermon?
Alex Mills: Nope, it’s a lottery sermon. You may get an excellent one, like Sermon on the Mount, you may get a nasty one. Although I assume there’s no dangerous one.
Brady Shearer: I’ve to see the miracle then, as a result of all of the miracles have been pretty nice.
Alex Mills: Those that have been recorded.
Brady Shearer: A few of the sermons can be like, “Jesus, I didn’t need to hear that.”
Alex Mills: I didn’t say it was one among Jesus’ recorded sermons or recorded miracles. You just get to see an on a regular basis miracle.
Brady Shearer: I’m nonetheless going with the miracle. I want a bit bit of faith.
Alex Mills: An everyday miracle, what an oxymoron. Would you slightly have the power of Samson or the wisdom of Solomon?
Brady Shearer: Properly, I’ve Samson’s hair, so I’m going to go together with the wisdom of Solomon on this one.
Alex Mills: Would you slightly see God creating the world or Jesus rising from the grave?
Brady Shearer: Oh, I wasn’t prepared for that.
Alex Mills: That’s a new one, I didn’t inform you that one yet.
Brady Shearer: You’ve acquired to see the Lord stroll out of that grave.
Alex Mills: I feel you’re proper. I feel you’re right. However imagine him simply shaping the complete universe.
Brady Shearer: That is perhaps anticlimactic, because he kinda simply stated it, and then poof, it was there. So it’s like, “Oh, well that was quick.”
Alex Mills: Third submit archetype is the Bible lottery.
Brady Shearer: That is the type of engagement which you could have in the remark section, that’s what these posts serve to perform. And we truly simply posted the one concerning the ark and the animals on our Facebook web page, and it was a blast. Individuals love that stuff, so these conversations, they’re enjoyable, we’re having enjoyable. It’s a good way to use social and to interact with people who are part of your church.
Alex Mills: It’s fun dialog, it’s based mostly across the Bible, and then if you get to church, Grandma’s going to return up and be like, “How dare you want to build the yard? You should be naming the animals, Grandson,” and then you definitely’ve received stuff going.
Number three, the Bible lottery. The best way this labored was we requested church volunteers and leaders to share with us their favorite Bible passages, and we compiled 10 of them, and then we asked individuals, “Comment below with a number from one to 10, and we’ll give you a passage of scripture to read today based on those suggestions.”
Brady Shearer: I really like this one.
Alex Mills: We’ve additionally achieved this with a particularly fast rotating gif the place you have got 10 frames principally, and also you ask individuals to only click pause, after which whatever body they land on once they click on pause, that’s the passage that they should go read. So Bible lottery.
Number 4, the how-to submit. Among the best frameworks we’ve discovered for blog posts in relation to rating in Google and reader engagement are the how-to posts, I feel as a result of it provides readers confidence that they will do something themself. It’s explanatory, it’s why we love recipes, like, “I could cook something like that? Wow.” So we took that concept, we utilized it to social. So on this first instance we said-
Brady Shearer: Find out how to build an ark. I mean, the Bible does give us a pretty-
Alex Mills: That’s true, all of the instructions are there, you simply give them the scripture reference. Perhaps that’s for next month. But this first one, the right way to survive a troublesome season. Inspired by Psalm 16:eight we stated declare primary, I know God is all the time with me. Quantity two, He’s close to. And number three, Nothing can shake me.
Brady Shearer: That’s better than constructing the ark. Properly, we’ll see.
Alex Mills: How one can cope with rejection, inspired by Psalm 34. Keep in mind, God hears his individuals. Number two, he’s near to the brokenhearted. And number three, he rescues these whose spirits are crushed.
Brady Shearer: I really like this.
Alex Mills: How about this one? The last word advice for coping with disappointment, from John 16 and Romans 8. Number one, remind your self God promised life would include troubles. Quantity two, put your faith within the one who has overcome the world. And quantity three, keep in mind God is working collectively, all things for the great of those that love him.
So primarily we’re combining record posts, we’re combining how-to posts, perhaps just a little bit of ultimate guide posts in there. So after writing 100s and 100s of weblog posts, we’ve these frameworks which were proven to interact individuals, and we’re taking the truth of scripture and shaping it into frameworks and ideations which might be clear and digestible for individuals.
Brady Shearer: And actionable.
Alex Mills: That’s a very good one too. After which finally, quantity 5, a immediate to religious apply. So on this first example, we start the social publish, and this can be a video social submit, it starts by saying, Jesus says, quote, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart. I have overcome the world,” finish quote. After which one other prompt comes up after that says, “Spend the next 30 seconds in prayer, meditating on this problem.” So we begin by sharing scripture, we begin by sharing a promise of Jesus, and then we are saying, “Don’t just read this and click Like and think that’s great, take 30 seconds right now, stop and meditate on that.”
One other example, we start by saying, “What’s one thing you’re grateful for today? It can be anything. Got it? Awesome. Now take 30 seconds to thank God for it.” Fast in your thoughts, think of one thing you’re grateful for, cease, give thanks. Remaining instance: dedicate yourselves to prayer, be alert, and be grateful if you pray, that’s Colossians 4:2. Now spend the subsequent 45 seconds in prayer thanking God for each good factor in your life.
I lied, there’s another example. This one I like, so I need to be certain that I say it. “Who is a friend you haven’t seen in awhile, someone you wish you could see more often?” We in all probability all have someone that we take into consideration like that. “Take the next minute to pray for them.” Positive you’ll be able to’t see them as much as you’d like, but you possibly can nonetheless pray for them regardless of the place they’re on the earth.
These examples all come from our social media program, 100s of church buildings are using it. We offer you every day content so that you simply don’t need to provide you with it. I provide you with it. It’s a number of arduous work, but I do provide you with it, and then we distribute it to you, and it comes with limitless customization. So if you wish to change something, you need to swap out some footage and put in your church’s footage, put it in your church’s pictures, if you wish to change the Bible verse translation because you’re like, “ESV is fine, but we like NIV,” no matter it’d be-
Brady Shearer: Swap out “How to navigate a difficult season” for “how to navigate a difficult sea on an ark”. If you want to swap out something like that-
Alex Mills: This is the reason we didn’t permit your church into the program. If you want to study more about it, get the enroll hyperlink, you just should send us an e-mail, whats [email protected] That’ll do it for this episode. We’ll see you next time.