1on1 with Wayne Roberts, writer and director of Katie Says Goodbye

I just lately had the chance to take a seat down with Wayne
Roberts, the writer and director of Katie Says Goodbye. The movie was one
of my favorites at the 2017 Newport Seashore Movie Pageant the place it gained awards for
greatest Actress (Olivia Cooke) and Greatest Screenplay. It is now in choose theaters
and obtainable on VOD. See my assessment
for more info.

After noting once I first noticed the movie, I asked what’s
been happening with the film for the final two years.

We’ve been trying to find the correct house for it. It actually
hasn’t been a simple street. I want the film would have come out once we made the
film, but I assume every street for every film is a bit of bit totally different and
unique. It’s been released most places on the planet. It’s accomplished quite nicely, for
example in Europe. However on the similar time this is an American film, and it hasn’t
performed in America until tomorrow. That’s been a very long time coming, however at the very least
it’s played in Europe.

You have been capable of get a really fascinating forged for the
movie. How did the casting come about on it?

I’ve to offer all the credit to Cindy Tolan and Adam
Caldwell, who have been our casting directors. We have been also fortunate in the truth that
we had champions in the businesses as properly. Obviously, it’s a polarizing story,
and a polarizing movie in addition to was the script. So individuals both liked it or
they hated it. However the people who beloved it really fought arduous to get their
shoppers into the movie. So it was via the assistance of Cindy and Adam and also
by means of the champions that we had at the businesses we have been capable of work with the
talent we needed to work with. They’re very gifted artists, we have been very lucky
to take action with. However the credit score would finally go to Cindy Tolan and Adam
Caldwell, our casting directors. They’re superb.

Let’s speak a bit about Katie within the film. How would you
describe Katie?

I might describe Katie as an extremely robust and
determined and finally clever individual who has primarily raised herself,
and has constructed her personal philosophy and world view consequently of her
isolation, finally, in her youth. However I see her as very robust and very

Some of the things that got here to me are innocence, a
robust sense of innocence –

Exactly, yeah.

Kindness –

Yeah.She’s innately variety, and she nonetheless has her
innocence despite what she does, which some individuals would have an issue towards
ethically and morally talking, which I’ve no drawback with and no moral
judgement to be stated on the matter. However she’s in it, and despite the issues
that happen to her she doesn’t lose her innocence. I feel to lose your
innocence requires participation a certain event by which you’ve gotten a
willingness to do so, and she doesn’t do this. She maintains her sense of
innocence and she maintains her sense of hope that so typically individuals lose as they
become old. It’s very uncommon to seek out people who have maintained that sense of hope
and sense of optimism that you simply may discover in youngsters. What’s fascinating is
if you do discover that in an adult, they often stay far harder lives
than the typical individual. However they’ve stored themselves, their soul, and their
hope intact.  However I feel that requires
an effort. I feel that requires a acutely aware choice to take action.

You talked about some of the issues that occurred to her.
And you stated there are people who adore it or hate it. I’m one of the people who
adore it, but I can understand how individuals may take a look at this and say, “Right here is
this victim. Right here’s someone who won’t rise up for herself.” Which I don’t
assume is the case, however I can understand that perspective. How would you
strategy somebody who solely sees that?

Bluntly, I simply don’t care. It’s a simple method to simply remove
any person from your bank – your circle. I mean this film is in so many ways up
to the viewer, but I feel it’s a really type of slender minded and very pathetic
mode of being that for those who watch a movie and there’s an occasion that happens that
it’s an endorsement of that event or that motion. It simply doesn’t make any damn
sense. In the event that they need to say that Katie is a sufferer at the finish of the movie, then
you’ve missed the purpose as nicely, and there’s nothing I can say to awaken them
to that reality. As long as they’ve a robust reaction – of course you’d wish to
have a robust reaction in phrases of favorable – but if it’s damaging where
they’d by no means help the film, that’s great. We’ve moved you. If we make a movie
during which the response is lukewarm, then they forgot about what they watched a
couple days later, then we’ve failed as filmmakers and as a group behind the
movie. At the finish of the day you simply can’t let that hassle you. I don’t. Here’s
the thing. There are so few individuals in life that I’d truly wish to share a
drink with. It’s going to be inevitable if I make films and stay true to my
sensibilities that there are people who are going to be upset by it. And so be

One of the things Katie says – every evening – is “Thank
you for today, Daddy. That brings an entire new realm into the film. For
somebody like me, my training is in theology, so 
that routinely opens the door up for me to say “I have to look for
one thing else right here.” What are you making an attempt to do with that little line that will get

That’s meant to point out, finally, her intellectual curiosity.
It also exhibits that she’s had to construct her personal worldview and philosophy on
her own. She grew up without faith. She grew up with no father-figure, however
she nonetheless had to construct her personal belief. And I feel she did so in a really robust,
unbiased means in consequence of what may be thought-about the misfortune of the
state of affairs—the truth that she didn’t have a father-figure and she didn’t have a
robust mother-figure. However she nonetheless constructed her own theology, and that’s
what it was. She nonetheless gave thanks for the blessings that she had in her life,
which so many people truly do. Yeah. That was meant to point out Katie’s – I
suppose her autonomy and that she was still setting up her own philosophy and
worldview. She was still intellectually curious and was still constructed
something for herself. Most people just sit there in front of the tv.

Although she didn’t have the robust mother-figure or
father-figure, there are mother- and father-figures who undertake her within the story
in Maybelle and Bear.

Precisely. The missing parental figures are fulfilled, granted
in sure methods are odd in the state of affairs of Bear, just because of the sexual
nature of the connection. However there’s nonetheless a very very real love that
exists between the two of them that could be very paternal, in addition to romantic in
means too. But I’m positive that Bear understands what the state of affairs is.

I discover that a very
fascinating relationship between the 2 of them.

I feel it’s bittersweet. It’s fairly unhappy and tragic in so
some ways. It’s tragic for Bear as nicely, because he’s an excellent man. I do know that
he’s partaking in action that I know quite a bit of individuals would have a problem with,
but the quality of his coronary heart is mostly a quite magnificent heart – very sort.

I’m all the time interested in issues in film which may
mirror a Christ-figure as Katie does. Although in Katie, getting deeper into
the theological, I appeared to Isaiah and the Servant Songs that seemed to suit
her so nicely. She gained’t bruise a bent reed. She takes the guilt of everyone
else’s actions. Individuals placed on her the guilt of her mom. She takes the guilt
of the opposite waitress who took the money. She takes all of that guilt onto
herself. Theologically she is a very complicated character. Whilst I watched it
the first time at Newport, I assumed “This is a theology film.” I really like discovering
these films. Are you conscious of the theology that is constructed into it or is it just
part of the cultural world?

Yeah, I’m aware of it. I didn’t research theology, but I
studied film, but I also studied philosophy too – I had a double major in the
two. The research of philosophy was principally ethics that I used to be involved in. I
can’t draw back from that. This in all probability was unique in terms of the truth that it
doesn’t really feel like I chosen Katie, I really feel prefer it was quite the other. If
you’re going to spend a quantity of hears of your life engaged on a film to inform
a specific character’s story, you need that character to be one that’s
noble, or one which you can lookup too, and one that may inspire you. And that
was Katie. She’s definitely a greater individual than I’m. Her sense of optimism and
her sense of hope is so much more well-defined than it is alone end. Her
ethics and her morality are pure. I used to be all the time aware of that.

There’s nice unhappiness, especially on the finish. But in
spite of all that has happened, she is occurring with her new optimism, which is
virtually exhausting to think about, having misplaced every part, and then saying if all the things’s
gone, I start over.

Precisely. That’s an indication of her absolute power and the very fact
that she’s not a victim. She picks herself again up. Most of us in a state of affairs
like that, a minimum of myself, I don’t assume I’m going to have the ability to overcome all
that in a brief quantity of time. Katie is far stronger than I am. You have got the
scene on the end, where she simply picks up. She’s going to be all right. You
should have that she’s going to be all right. You’ve seen her character.
You’ve seen here power. It’s a must to consider that she’s going to be all
right. In fact, some individuals are just inherent pessimists, who don’t consider
somebody can overcome a state of affairs that Katie has been by means of. But that’s such
an ignorant means of considering, of dwelling, and it’s by no means representative of
the world in its totality. In fact, there are individuals who crumble in
situations like that, however there are also people who can overcome situations like
that. Those that can I feel must be our inspiration. And Katie is an
inspiration. No less than she is mine.